Rukario Gets Outplayed BIGTIME! -- A Newark Warstory!

Okay gaiz, here'z mah warstoriez:
round 1 - i 4-0ed
round 2 - i almost 4-0ed
round 3 - i almost 4-0ed
round 4 - i get 4-0ed
end of story! jk

I started testing and studying up this VGC meta game about 4 months ago. It's been a tedious but exciting 4 months with all of the testing and changing of teams and being acquainted with all of these amazing Smogonites such as Human, ISS and others. Well, with over 500 hours put into Pokemon Online, let's see how I do!

We get up bright and early to what was a horrible day for all of us (Chilebowl, Acceleraion,XKidXSkyX and I). We arrive at the Convention Center with a line that extended into the parking lot. At first glance, I was sure it was over 500 people. However, my mom reassured me that half of these people are parents and that we'd get a spot. She was right. I was 304 in line. As I stepped foot into the convention center, I knew this would be the day. I wasn't nervous one bit. That never changed drastically.

I grab my wristband and I stare at it with hopes of keeping it on for 8 straight matches. That would not be however. My family and friends wish me luck and I'm off to battling. Now would be a fantastic time to tell you my team.

I've play tested with a bunch of different teams from Rain Dance to Trick Room. None of them seemed to suffice, however this one did. I felt comfortable using it but deciding between Amoonguss, Scrafty or Jellicent as my 6th guy was a tough one. It came down to a series of test battles that I experimented with each of them and Amoonguss proved that it belonged on my team. MAJOR THANKS TO MUFFINHEAD AND ELEMT FOR MY POKEMON, I COULDN'T HAVE OBTAINED 5/6 WITHOUT YOU GUYS, THANKS SO MUCH <3 :D

Now that that is out of the way, let's get down to business.

Round 1 - Julian C. - Emboar / Serperior / Samurott / Hydreigon
As I went into this match, I felt a bit nervous since I didn't know if I was making it past round 1. I ask him the basic questions which are, if he goes on any websites, if he EV trains, RNG, etc. He said no to the second two and said he went on Serebii often. I don't want to underestimate him but as I see his team preview, I realize he loves the starters and I should be able to pull off a win. I lead Tornadus and Terrakion which is standard for me when I can't figure out what they're doing and I just want to finish things up nice and quickly. This worked to perfection and I managed to easily 4-0 him with minimum damage taken to my leads. This was quick and easy, like a 1st round match should be. 4-0

Round 2 - Dorian B. - Cofagrigus / Conkeldurr / Chandelure / Bisharp
At team preview, I immediately identified Trick Room and as such, I lead with my Trick Room counter team; Amoonguss & Chandelure. I don't remember much of this match but I remember his Bisharp used Sucker Punch on my foolish mistake of Shadow Balling Confagrigus first turn instead of Imprisoning. Chandelure goes down (I might be confusing this with my 3rd round match because I don't remember ANYTHING from my 3rd round match except that it was Trick Room). So I do remember I almost 4-0ed but he managed to take down my Chandelure. I spored the Bisharp I believe which allowed Cofagrigus to set up Trick Room. I was scared at this point because I didn't know if I would have pulled out of this without his Pokemon going first and severly damage my guys. However, Amoonguss is a life saver and managed to Spore whatever he got his hands on and it allowed me to clean up with my other guys. This wasn't a 4-0 because he did take out my Chandelure unfortunately :(. 3-0

Round 3 - Chuppa C. - I DON'T REMEMBER D: Trick Room was in play though.
As I said, I unfortunately can't remember much from this match. I do remember I made a foolish move and he managed to get Trick Room up, or did he? I don't remember at all D: LOL but yeah. I do remember it was somewhat an easy match after I pulled a few good plays and managed to put his guys to sleep with my trusty Amoonguss and it was downhill from there for him. This match had me worried a little bit at certain points but when it came down to when it really mattered, my Pokemon did not disappoint. 3-0 I believe.

Round 4 - Jonathan H. (SuperPokemon67) - Chandelure / Jellicent

Before this match, I had Vincent's (hitmonrocker) mom cheering me on and himself, Cybertron, my friend Chilebowl, my other two friends (Acceleration & XKidXSlyX) and my family cheering me on. To add to the pressure of that, I was put on the big screen. The staff said to me that since I'm waiting so long and no one is battling yet, he'll put me on the big screen. He said this is the old school style of playing, and then stated that I probably already knew that since I was wearing my World's 08 Lucario shirt :).

From team preview, I'm predicting a standard kill-quick-and-hard team with a few Tailwinds thrown in there. Instead, he lead with Chandelure & Jellicent. At this point I'm thinking there is no Trick Room as I didn't see anyone but one or two of his Pokemon in team preview that were fit for Trick Room. I assume one of them is Scarf and I Tailwind and Protect, to which Cybertron and Chilebowl were face palming and I felt like an idiot not even realizing my mistake :x The reason I did this was because I expected a Water Spout + Heat Wave which would KO both of my guys that turn. So my thought process with this guy was that I'd Protect and proceed to Rock Sliding and maybe Thunderbolting (with my Thundurus since Tornadus would have been dead) and securing me a nice victory. However, with this guy, thought processes are out the window. He Water Spouts and and it does about half to my Tornadus but since I set up Tailwind that turn, I was unaware if it was scarfed or not. Next, his Chandelure set up Trick Room... WHAT THE EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! OH NONONONONONONONO! I just set up Tailwind and had a Scarfed Krookodile and a Thundurus in the back and he just set up Trick Room. Only Rukario would set up Tailwind when the opponent sets up Trick Room ;) Anyway, my thought process NOW is that he's Trick Room or Obimode and I NEED to stall out this Trick Room with Protects and Substitutes otherwise I'm gonna be some burnt bacon with those Heat Waves/Shadow Balls and fully powered Water Spouts coming my way. I try to stall as much as I can and I manage to keep Tornadus in for a while actually. I failed the double Protect on Thundurus and I lose him unfortunately :( Now, it's the 4th turn and he uses Trick Room to everyones (including me) surprise and everyone was cheering as they knew I had it now since now all his guys are slower to my Tornadus and Krookodile to which I could essentially sweep from there. Aaron and Anthony were giddy like a little school girl with excitement and I almost flew out of my chair with excitement. Everyone thought he misclicked or was simply an idiot. That was not the case. I use Acrobatics and Earthquake, none of those were pulled off. His Jellicent was scarfed. I JUST GOT COMPLETELY OUTPLAYED, OUTSMARTED, AND NOW I AM OFFICIALLY SCREWED! To everyone's surprise, he bluffed his Jellicent to the point where I was right with my original prediction thinking it was Scarf but didn't realize that until the last turn. THIS GUY... WAS SOMETHING ELSE. He played that game to absolute perfection making me change thought processes several times and just messing with my head. He bluffed his Jellicent so well. I could have won that battle had I not stalled.

He just beat me flawlessly 4-0, without me managing to put a single scratch on his Pokemon. Well played man, well played.

After the match, Chilebowl and Aaron said I should have Rock Slided instead of Protect turn 1 because only one would have been Scarfed and I'm Sashed so I would live anyway. That thought was never in my head as I was so focused on getting Tailwind up I didn't even think of just attacking. Later that day, we played on Pokemon Online that evening and he lead with the same leads and I lead with the same leads. I did what Aaron and Anthony told me to do and I won. We rematched, I won again. THAT SUCKED D:

We stayed back until Masters was over and I'm glad we did. IPS, that was one hell of a semis you had and I remember you pounding he desk due to the hax, YOU ARE WIN!

These are the guys that are AWESOME:

Muffinhead - for giving me 3/6 Pokemon for my team, THANKS AGAIN MAN :D
Elemt - for giving me 3/6 Pokemon for my team, unless that Jellicent wasn't used, SO SORRY MAN D: but thanks anyway! :D
Chilebowl / Acceleration / XKidXSlyX - for being awesome training partners and awesome friends! Bros for life <3
Cybertron & TDS - Cybertron for being such an AWESOME GUY helping me test my team and giving me suggestions and for being such a cool and WIN guy, love you bro ;) and TDS for being an awesome asian and for chilling with us during and after the VGCs ;)
Hitmonrocker & his mom - for being an awesome friend; we go waaay back LOL and tell your mom that she's awesome! :D
Human - for being so chill at the event and giving me his gamertag ;)

I might be forgetting some people but you guys know I love you anyway <3 :D


- Being able to actually compete and not be locked out because I arrived half an hour before registration :/
- Meeting and chilling with all those cool Smogonites like Cybertron, TDS, Human, Sandman, Hitmonrocker and ISS.
- Being able to watch such an awesome semi-finals in person ;)


- Losing round 4, one round before finalists lounge :(
- My best friend losing round 1 after putting into 4 months of practicing on PO
- Not being able to go to Nationals since none of us got invities

Anyway, there is a slight chance I'll be at LCQs in Indy because after putting in 4 months and over 500 hours practicing on PO, I'm not letting it all go down to drain just because of one battle. If my friend's dad can drive us down there, then sure, I'll be at LCQs ready to chill with the two best dudes EVAR; Vincent & Aaron ;)

Well, that's the end of my warstory. Until next time, farewell.
Sucks you lost round 4, it seems that most of us got out earlier than we expected. I have no idea what caused this but it's a game so w/e.

Nonetheless, awesome warstory!
Thanks man, but yeah I lost to Superpokemon67. Sucks we had to face each other so early in the game :/ but it's alright, I had fun nonetheless :) And I agree, SO MUCH Smogoners got out early due to hax that it made the top 16 uneventful. Except for top 4 with IPS, that was epic :)
I still love you man :P

Hanging out with you, Chilebowl, Human, iss, and TDS was great! We should hang out sometime over summer break, as we all said haha :)


you BETTER come to LCQ man
Haha, it's been 3 years and I probably still haven't grown much :p

Dude, if I don't come to LCQ, I'll be mad tight because that's mad work down the drain :/ I'll try my best convincing my parents D:

And we'll chill at like Nintendo World the day before you leave for Worlds because let's face it, we know YOU'RE MAKING IT TO WORLDS ;D
Great story. Sucks you faced SuperPokemon67 so early. His team sounds pretty legit. Try to come to Nats! I still have to beat you in person to make up for you knocking me out of the Smogon VGC Tourney ;)
DUDE it was great getting to meet you again its been three years that is just way to long you did great in newark r4 i got out in r2 so you did better than me. You look just like you did in 2008, and HOW ARE YOU OLDER THAN ME!? All in all hope to see you in indy.
Was great meeting you! HOW DID WE FORGET TO HAVE THE SENIOR'S GROUP PHOTO LIKE WE WERE PLANNING TO BEFORE! (speaking of which, I just remembered about that now)

Hoping that you're able to go to nats LCQ at the very least, the multi battles we had were great, iss and I are such a great team amiright?
@Werecario Thanks bro. And no doubt, we have to rematch. Hopefully I can make nats so we could chill :D

@Hitmonrocker DUDE it was AWESOME meeting you after 3 years. And I know, I look exactly the same haha. Hopefully I can go to Nats so Aaron, you and I can chill.

@Human I didn't expect you to look how you did LOL I expected you to be waaay shorter :x but yeah, your a pretty chill guy bro and a SENIOR PICTURE WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME, HOW DID WE FORGET? D: LOL but yeah, I'm working on my parents right now for LCQs. I'll tell you back within the next week or two if I'm going :D
It's alright, hope you go to the LCQ that's a lot of time put in. Also I am so shocked I didn't meet you since I saw Cybertron and talked to him and iss a bunch of times lol.


let's play bw lc!
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I still love you man :P

Hanging out with you, Chilebowl, Human, iss, and TDS was great! We should hang out sometime over summer break, as we all said haha :)


you BETTER come to LCQ man
exactly my thoughts
I still love you man :P

Hanging out with you, Chilebowl, Human, iss, and TDS was great! We should hang out sometime over summer break, as we all said haha :)


you BETTER come to LCQ man
exactly my thoughts
I didn't want to be the first to copy paste what Cybertron said. So true, great hanging out with you and see you at Nats!
Haha, yeah it was fun hanging out with you guys too! I just wished I could hang out with you guys at Nats :( Unfortunately, right now my mom said no unless I can get a ride from my friend but my friend's dad isn't even giving a reply. So, it's not looking so good for me for LCQs :/

However, my VGC adventure for 2011 was fun while it lasted! Haha. I'll DEFINITELY see you guys at DC AND NEWARK next year, my mom already guaranteed it ;)
i don't know many other people named chuppa that ran a 2011 tr team at the newark regionals seniors division, so i think it just might be him
LOL, I randomly see this on the front page and I'm like "WTF?!".

Anyway, I guess it was him. He was wearing a Drifloon hat? Did he wear that this year? Also, yes, he was running a Trick Room team. I believe Bisharp and Chandelure lead.
That was me, guys! My lead was cofagrigus and bisharp, u beat me 2-0, and trick room was up for a good while I had the battle saved until my game against Cybertron at VGC Rhode Island. I'll definitely be at Newark, and probably Philly (A ride would b splendid hint hint lol) we gotta meet up then. Godzilla don't explain all my strategies to these gents plz, I do always like to have a trick up mein sleeve!
Blast, i thought they would have Newark in June. I kinda wanna do a new team entirely, but that requires more work then just getting new TR pokemon.... meh.
I just realized I never posted in this warstory. Sorry we had to fight each other so early. If you're coming to Philly I'll see you there.

also, minor nitpick, but my name is spelled Jonathan (no h). People make that mistake all the time :P.

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